In terms of reliability, Toyota is one of the best auto manufacturers in the world. A 2015 commercial stated that at that point, 80% of Toyota vehicles sold were still on the road. That is an impressive statistic, and most of Toyota’s models through the years have been pretty bulletproof. The reliability and longevity of Toyotas mean many older examples are still available second-hand and can be purchased confidently. Toyota’s history is not spotless, and
A lot of common automotive problems have no noticeable symptoms. Oil or coolant leaks will not immediately impact the way your car drives. A seemingly serious issue like a check engine light can even occur with no changes in drive ability. Sometimes problems present more noticeably. Noises from your suspension when you turn or press the brakes, a new smell, or loud engine operation are common. One of the most noticeable changes in driving dynamics

July 29, 2022

What is R-1234yf?

Ever since Ford made cars accessible to the general public with the Model T, engineers have worked year after year to improve vehicles, making them more efficient, powerful, and comfortable. One of these advances that most take for granted is air conditioning. The first car that could be optioned with A/C from the factory was the 1940 Packard. Now, over 80 years later, nearly all new vehicles come equipped with air conditioning. Since 1940, air
Brakes are a complicated system relying on many parts working together. Calipers, pads, and rotors are the most visible part of the system and require frequent service or replacement due to the heat and friction they endure when the caliper clamps the pads down on the rotor to stop the car. Brake hoses do not require the same service frequency as pads and rotors, but they will likely need to be replaced during the lifetime
Illinois Lemon Law Guide
Buying a new car is an exciting experience. You’ve saved up, optioned out leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and all the other bells and whistles you wanted. But now, instead of enjoying your new car worry-free as you expected, you’ve made countless trips to the repair shop. What gives? If this situation sounds familiar, you may have bought a lemon. People throw around the term “lemon” to describe any car with problems, but there
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