How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Power Steering Pump?

You’ve started noticing a whining noise when you turn, a squealing when you start your car, and your steering feels different while you drive. You go to a repair shop, and they tell you it’s time to replace your power steering pump. How much should you expect to pay to get it replaced? What’s involved in the job?

What is Power Steering?

The power steering system assists in turning the steering wheel. Without it, you would have to work a lot harder to turn the wheel, especially at low speeds or when stopped. Power steering is something a lot of people take for granted. If you’ve ever hopped behind the wheel of an older car that doesn’t have it, you know what a difference power steering makes.

The power steering system is driven by a pump running off the engine. The fluid is pressurized by the pump, and directed by a valve into a chamber divided by a piston, located in the steering rack. One side of the piston receives more fluid depending on the direction the steering wheel is turned. The difference in pressure between the two sides allows the wheel to be turned with ease.

Power steering rack
The power steering pump directs hydraulic fluid into the steering rack

Manufacturers are now moving to electric power steering systems, which do not utilize a pump driven by the motor. Without needing to use engine power to drive the power steering, fuel economy is improved.

With that said, many cars on the road today use hydraulic power steering, and the system will be prevalent for many years to come.

What Causes Power Steering Pump Failure?

There are a few reasons why a power steering pump can fail. Here are some of the more common ones:

Low Power Steering Fluid Level

The hydraulic fluid used by the power steering system also works to keep the pump lubricated and cool. If the pump operates with low fluid for extended periods, it can overheat or succumb to excess wear. The life of the pump will be shorter as a result.

power steering reservoir

Fluid Leak

A fluid leak is not a direct cause of failure, but if enough fluid leaks from the system, the pump will be operating with less than adequate lubrication. Without proper lubrication, the pump will wear rapidly and eventually fail.

If you know your fluid is at a low level, you should top it off promptly to avoid potential damage to your pump.

Snapped Belt

The power steering pump runs off the engine via a belt. If the belt breaks, the pump will not have any power driving it, preventing it from working.

Dirty or Contaminated Power Steering Fluid

If the fluid in your power steering system is dirty or contaminated, it can contribute to premature power steering pump failure. These contaminants can disrupt the operation of the pump or wear down sensitive components.


An old power steering pump can fail simply from years of use. High-mileage cars still using the original pump can see an age-related failure occur, even if there’s no specific cause.

How Much Does a Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost?

Now that you understand power steering and the function of the pump, we can start talking about the replacement itself. The cost of a repair is split into two categories: labor and parts.

When replacing a power steering pump, the parts involved generally include the pump itself, fresh power steering fluid, and in some cases new power steering lines. Lines can be reused if they are in good condition. However, replacing them at the same time will ensure you don’t have more problems down the road.

power steering line
Replacing Power Steering Lines Can Prevent Future Problems

Power Steering Pump Cost

The price of a power steering pump varies significantly by vehicle. They can be as little as $100 or up to almost $1000 on the high end. Again, it depends on the vehicle. German and European cars typically have more expensive components, while Asian and domestic makes will be more affordable. For most passenger cars, the price of the pump will likely be in the $150 to $500 range for a quality replacement.

BMW power steering pump

Labor Cost

Unfortunately, there is no exact price for labor either. On some vehicles, the pump is easily accessible and requires little disassembly to get to it. The time it takes the technician to replace the pump determines the labor cost. A readily accessible pump will cost far less to replace than one that requires a lot of time-consuming wrenching to reach. At Becker Service Center, our labor rate is $138 an hour. 

If you like to get your hands dirty with your car, it is possible to do this replacement yourself. However, this can be a difficult repair and requires specific tools and procedures. It’s probably best for most people to take their vehicle to a trusty mechanic to avoid improper installation.

How much should I expect to pay?

While the price of this repair can vary, expect to pay between $500 and $800 to get your power steering pump replaced. Depending on your car, the cost could exceed that price, or fall below it. The best way to know for sure is to talk with the service advisors are your repair shop.

Power Steering Pump Replacement in Naperville, IL

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