January 12, 2024

Rodents are known for their habit of chewing on nearly everything in sight, which becomes problematic when they’re living… in your engine bay. While it’s not a very common issue, many have unexpectedly opened their hood to find wires that have been mysteriously stripped down and ruined, causing electrical issues that could render your vehicle […]

December 15, 2023

Driving in the snow can lead to some precarious scenarios, as the traction you rely on for control and safety is significantly decreased. This is why vehicle owners often focus on finding the right vehicle to meet their needs during inclement weather. One of the largest contributing factors to the cold-weather performance of your vehicle […]

November 8, 2023

Cruise control is one of those creature comforts that’s often taken for granted in our vehicles, especially on long drives and road trips with extensive stretches of highway. While you might usually pay little attention to the inner workings of your cruise control system, it can become quite obvious and frustrating when it encounters a […]

October 11, 2023

Dashboard warning lights are such an important part of our vehicles, yet many of them go unnoticed or ignored. There are various lights and symbols you may see appear on your dash, usually with vague depictions of the system the vehicle is warning you about.  While not every light that could appear on your dash […]

September 15, 2023

Modern vehicles have become heavier than ever with the introduction of mainstream creature comforts, safety regulations, and increased use of electronics. One technology we take for granted in daily driving is power steering. Without our power steering systems, turning your vehicle would be very difficult.  These systems use a hydraulic fluid called power steering fluid […]