Exhaust Service and Repair

A vehicle’s exhaust system safely routes toxic exhaust gases away from the driver, aids in reducing emissions that are harmful to the environment increase engine performance, and cuts down on noise. The exhaust system is also exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures on every drive. Over time damage due to rust, road debris, failing gaskets, and dry rotted exhaust hangers can leave the system worse for wear. A damaged exhaust system not only hinders a vehicle’s performance – it’s a safety hazard. At Becker Service Center, our skilled and experienced technicians can repair or replace your exhaust system.

Exhaust leaks

Is your car making more noise than it used to? Do you notice the smell of exhaust fumes while you drive? You might have an exhaust leak. An exhaust leak can cause issues with engine performance due to a drop in back backpressure. It can also pose a health hazard when toxic fumes enter the cabin of your vehicle. If you suspect an exhaust leak, drive with your windows down and get your car to a qualified mechanic as soon as you can.

Catalytic converters and emissions

Catalytic converters reduce the harmful emissions that are a byproduct of your car running. As your vehicle ages, they can become damaged and stop working properly. This can make it impossible to pass emissions tests and get your car street legal. Our technicians can assist you with any emissions and catalytic converter-related issues you may be having.

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