Radiator and cooling service in Naperville

Both the heating and cooling system in your engine operates using the same fluid, so it is important to have an experienced technician inspect it regularly. Trust the mechanics at Becker Service Center in Naperville to find and address any issues in your cooling system to prevent overheating. 

Prevent Coolant Leaks

Over time, the fragile rubber and plastic components in your cooling system succumb to dry rot, cracking, and damage from extreme heat and cold. The resulting coolant leak from plastic pipes and rubber hoses can result in overheating, causing more substantial engine damage if not addressed.

Diagnose and repair cooling system issues

A punctured radiator, leaking head gasket or heater core, or a blown radiator hose can render your vehicle undrivable. If you have a large leak and are concerned you may damage your vehicle, the 

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We inspect the hoses, lines, water pump, heater core, and radiator, ensuring your radiator and cooling system is running efficiently and keeping your engine from overheating. Let our experienced technicians diagnose your radiator and cooling system right the first time. Contact Becker Service Center and schedule an appointment at our Naperville repair shop today!