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While not technically a necessity in a car,  A/C can definitely feel like one during the hot summer months. There’s no worse feeling than sitting down on scorching hot seats, only to find that your A/C isn’t blowing any cold air. Air conditioning systems are complex and contain many different points for failure, and in turn, have a wide variety of potential causes when experiencing issues

A/C vents in old Volkswagen interior

Common A/C System Issues

  • Blows room temperature air
  • Smells like mildew
  • Weird noises
  • Water dripping into the cabin

Don’t Put Off Air Conditioning Problems

Not only is A/C repair complicated, but it can also even be dangerous. The highly pressurized refrigerant is also toxic and needs special tools and techniques to be removed safely. Air conditioning repair should always be carried out by a professional to ensure proper removal, service, and installation.

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Luckily, Becker Service Center in Naperville, IL can carry out any of your air conditioning needs so you can continue to drive comfortably.

Our ASE-certified technicians will inspect your A/C system and pinpoint the source of the issue so they can then repair it with the highest quality of parts and service! Call or schedule online today to meet with our team of experts!


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