Transmission Service and Repair

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for selecting the correct gear ratio for optimal power and fuel economy. It is important to get your transmission inspected and serviced regularly, particularly as your vehicle gets older. The technicians at our Naperville auto shop can perform transmission service and repairs, keeping your car on the road.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Cars and trucks with automatic transmissions require periodic changes of the ATF (automatic transmission fluid). A transmission fluid change should be performed every 30,000-60,000 miles. The interval of an ATF change can vary depending on the amount of stress placed on the transmission (i.e towing and city driving).

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

Automatic transmissions use a filter to keep harmful particles away from the moving parts within the transmission. To continue protecting your transmission, the fluid filter needs to be changed regularly.

Clutch Replacement

Manual transmission vehicles will eventually need a clutch replacement . The clutch transfers power from the engine through the transmission and to the wheels. Over time, the clutch will wear out and require replacement.

Manual Transmission Gear Oil Change

Manual transmission fluid keeps the moving metal parts within the gearbox lubricated during operation. Manual transmission fluid should be changed every 40,000 – 50,000 miles. This interval will vary depending on the vehicle and your driving style.

Transmission Diagnostics, Replacement, and Rebuilds

Having catastrophic transmission problems? Our technicians can diagnose the issue quickly, and recommend a repair, rebuild, or replacement depending on the issue. If you are experiencing any noticeable issues while you are driving, let us take a look!

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