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Keeping your brakes in peak condition is essential for the drivability and safety of your vehicle, especially in the inclement weather of northern Illinois. Your braking system consists of multiple different parts that should be serviced regularly by a professional. Your rotors and pads should be swapped out after their recommended lifespan to ensure the usability of your brakes. Since they rely on friction to stop the vehicle, the material will wear down over time.

Close up of brake rotor and caliper

Pads and rotors aren’t the only part of your brakes you should be paying attention to. Brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid that allows your pads to press down with sufficient force to stop the car. Over time this fluid will degrade and pick up contaminants, eventually needing to be flushed out and replaced much like oil or transmission fluid.

Other issues in your brake system can be much harder to diagnose and difficult to repair. At Becker Service Center in Naperville, our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to properly ensure the health of your brakes and diagnose any issues that may impair your ability to stop.

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